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November Board Meeting Highlights

The KCIC Board had the pleasure of hearing from Kansas City Missouri’s Chief Environmental Officer, Andrew Savastino, at our board meeting on November 17, 2022. Prior to the meeting, we invited our members to submit questions about the City’s Climate Resiliency Plan, and outgoing president, John Krumme, posed these to Mr. Savastino during an open discussion.

After opening the discussion with a brief overview of the plan, Mr. Savastino said that the City’s goal was to shift the focus of the plan from primarily eliminating greenhouse gases to the goal of achieving carbon neutral status by 2040. He reinforced that the plan is not static, but a roadmap; and that there are extensive actions in place to keep the community engaged throughout this process.

The Q&A began with what our members were most curious about: What does the plan say about eliminating natural gas? Mr. Savastino stated that this plan is not an elimination of natural gas, but that there is a strong affinity for pursuing greener alternatives. He stated that natural gas is not being banned in Kansas City, Missouri and that the climate protection steering committee has no authority to do so.

Other topics of discussion spurred by members’ questions included: the status of the Blue River Corridor development, odors emanating from wastewater treatment plants in the Historic West Bottoms district, and the Front Street expansion.  

Once the Climate Resiliency Plan discussion ended, Jim Erickson, Director of Strategic Initiatives with the Economic Development Council shared the 2023 Consensus Agenda, and asked for the board’s endorsement, which was granted.