KCIC Organization Overview

Advocate for Industry

Gritty, dusty, dirty, loud—these adjectives are often used to describe industrial areas and businesses. Whether it’s a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, these dusty and gritty businesses bring jobs and revenue to Kansas City. As the only non-profit membership organization specifically representing industrial businesses in Kansas City, KCIC is often in the position to remind our lawmakers just how important industry is for our city. We offer our members a voice at the city, state and federal levels where we work to inform policy and bring needed dollars to our industrial areas. We also work throughout the year to connect our members via networking events and educational opportunities.

Nearly 30 Years Strong!

In 1988, the Kansas City Industrial Council was founded when industry leaders began working together on the problems common to all industrial districts. The group was formed with a volunteer board to coordinate cooperation between the various industrial associations in Kansas City. With assistance from the Kansas City, Missouri City Council, the EDC, the Kansas City Planning & Development department and the KC Public Works department, KCIC created a comprehensive report titled “Rebuilding Kansas City’s Industrial Base.” In the report, KCIC proposed creating a more favorable industrial climate by repairing the aging industrial infrastructure, modernizing for competitiveness, encouraging excellence in education and job training, cleaning up environmental hazards and reducing blight in our industrial districts. These issues remain top priorities for KCIC today.

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