KCIC knows that keeping our infrastructure in top condition is essential to retaining and attracting business in our industrial districts. We advocate for improving aging infrastructure, cleaning up environmental hazards, reducing blight, improving safety and security, and enhancing the overall environment to boost industrial economic development.

Recent Infrastructure & Economic Development Successes

  • More than $1.18 Billion in Levee and Waterway Improvements
  • Streetscape improvements in Multiple Districts
  • Storm sewer improvements in Historic West Bottoms
  • Construction beginning for the Swope Park Industrial Fly-Over Bridge
  • Replacement of the Colorado Bridge
  • Replacement of the Forrester Viaduct
  • Reconstruction to the 12th Street and James Street bridges
  • Blue River Basin levee improvements
  • Turkey Creek levee improvements and flood remediation
  • Streetscape improvements in multiple districts

KCIC plays an active role in influencing government decisions affecting industry at the city, state and federal levels. Twice each year, KCIC sends a delegation to Washington, D.C., to raise awareness of key issues and advocate for funding of specific infrastructure projects cited in the Green Sheet. These meetings have yielded meaningful results that improve our entire community.

Locally, KCIC meets quarterly with the City Manager and regularly with city department leaders to discuss pressing issues, areas of concern and new opportunities.


The continued development and redevelopment of our industrial areas remain a top concerns for KCIC. We work closely with local partners at the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC), Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the City of Kansas City, Missouri, Planning department to promote prime development areas.

Each year, KCIC recognizes individuals and companies that have made outstanding contributions to the economic strength of Kansas City’s industrial areas through the Brick-by-Brick Awards. Over the past 30 years, KCIC has bestowed nearly 500 awards.

KCIC Organization Overview


Did you know that seven distinct levee districts run along the Kansas and Missouri rivers? More than 60 miles of levees and levee walls protect the lives and the investments within these levee districts. KCIC advocates for the adequacy and structural integrity of these levees that are of utmost concern to businesses and KCIC members located near the rivers.

  • One metro, seven levees: Argentine, Armourdale, Fairfax, North Kansas City, East Bottoms, Historic West Bottoms, Birmingham.
  • Our levees protect more than 94,000 jobs, 5,000 structures and $20B in investment from major flood event or breach.
  • $413.8 million is needed to update all seven levees.
  • The levees protecting the Historic West Bottoms and Armourdale are in the most need of repair; they also protect the largest business investment.

Promoting sustainable business practices is a key networking, advocating and educational priority for KCIC. We partner with Bridging The Gap to assure that we connect our members to the key sustainability educational and informational events in our area. This partnership offers 10 KCIC members free BTG Green Business Network memberships each year. And all KCIC members enjoy access to several Bridging The Gap educational events each year.


The Sustainability Awards program recognizes and promotes sustainable practices by businesses in the Kansas City metropolitan area, particularly those businesses that are located in industrial areas. For nearly 10 years, KCIC has recognized industrial businesses that have made a significant investment in improving their environment with KCIC Sustainability Awards.


As part of the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Master Tree Plan, KCIC in 2019 became a Tree Champion. In partnership with Bridging The Gap’s Heartland Tree Alliance (HTA) program, KCIC designated $3,000 to create a tree planting matching grant program for our members. One member from each of the six KCIC industrial district areas will receive a $500 matching grant to plant up to four trees on private land at their location.

In 2019, five KCIC member businesses were awarded a matching grant to plant trees on their property.

KCIC Organization Overview