Board Member Spotlight

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Get to know your KCIC Board Members! Next up is KCIC Vice President, John Krumme.

John Krumme is Chairman & CEO of Cam-Dex Security Group, located in the Historic West Bottoms industrial district. He serves as a board member for KCIC.

Why is KCIC such a valuable resource for businesses?

KCIC is in touch with Kansas City’s economic development and is fully aware of everything going on in the metropolitan area. KCIC supports issues that are vital to our community and takes them to the appropriate governing body when necessary. KCIC members are plugged into our City.

Why did you decide to serve as a board member?

This is an elite group of business leaders. It is a privilege to serve with such a hardworking and knowledgeable group of people. The community has been good to me and my company, and I wanted to give back and hopefully help others.

What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished as part of KCIC?

The work that was done on the levees for KC and the funding that was secured. That was an extraordinary effort championed by the KCIC and our government.

What’s the one thing others should know about KCIC?

There’s a wealth of knowledge on the KCIC board and within our membership. All you have to do is reach out and ask when you need assistance or guidance on something that might be an issue for your business or property.

Tell us a bit about you.

My wife Debi and I have been married for 35 years. We have three sons and three fantastic daughters-in-law. All of the kids are accomplishing great things in their careers. We are very proud of our family.

Where do you live?

I have lived in Shawnee for the past 27 years. I grew up in Overland Park and was away for about 13 years serving in the Army and working in other cities.

When you’re not at work or spreading the KCIC news, you are?

At the lake on the boat!

What are you most grateful for?

Debi and I are blessed with good health, particularly in this unprecedented time, and we have a great family. I am also part of a great company with employees who make a difference every day.