Board Member Spotlight

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Get to know your KCIC Board Members! Next up is KCIC Past President, Jeff Phillips.

Jeff Phillips is the Senior Vice President at Landmark National Bank. He represents the Bi-State Turkey Creek industrial area.

Why is KCIC such a valuable resource for businesses?

The power of community.  The amount of connections and experience the membership has really allows us to help each other navigate issues in our businesses, work on infrastructure needs or to convey priorities to governing bodies.

Why did you decide to serve as a board member?

This is an organization that is made up of doers.  Everyone on the board rolls up their sleeves and invests their time and resources into making Kansas City a better place.

What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished as part of KCIC?

I think our ability to continually prioritize keeps KCIC relevant. It’s hard work to keep evaluating what our membership needs, but the organization is attractive to new and existing members because of its ability to address current needs over a broad range of topics.

What’s the one thing others should know about KCIC?

The ‘Industrial’ in Kansas City Industrial Council can be assumed to be heavy manufacturing.  However, the membership is very diverse. Multiple industries are represented in our membership, with various sizes of companies and a nice mix of backgrounds in leadership.

Tell us a bit about you.

I have been married to my wife Allison for 20 years. Together we have two daughters – 10-year-old Eliza and 6-year-old Rosie, who are constantly doing cartwheels and flips everywhere.

Where do you live?

Fairway, Kansas.

When you’re not at work or spreading the KCIC news, you are?

Eating – we love to try new restaurants, continue supporting our favorites and bragging on our friends in the industry who have been so innovative in how to respond to the new market.

What are you most grateful for?

Friendships – KCIC is an example of the power of connection when a group of people unite over a common cause, motivated to serve others and to leave a legacy