Board Member Spotlight

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Get to know your KCIC Board Members! First up is KCIC President, Boyd Nolen.

Boyd Nolen is Vice President of Pro Circuit Inc. He serves as a board member for BVIA, HWB, NEIA, and is President of KCIC.

Why is KCIC such a valuable resource for businesses?

KCIC brings likeminded districts who represent likeminded companies to bring common issues to city, county, state and federal agencies to advocate for improved business practices, infrastructure needs and projects.

Why did you decide to serve as a board member? 

I was asked to join as treasurer for the KCIC board, and then worked my way to President. I was very glad to do it. Beforehand, I was the at-large BViA seat.

What’s the most important thing you’ve accomplished as part of KCIC? 

Being part of the group that goes to Washington DC biannually. Seeing the effort needed to advocate for the KC District Levee project was a great experience and a monumental achievement. We believe KCIC can undertake other similar issues in our future.

What’s the one thing others should know about KCIC? 

The footprint of KCIC and the six districts make up almost all of Kansas City, from south of the Missouri River all the way to Bannister Road, and east past the stadiums. We would like to engage more businesses within these areas to join KCIC and/or one of our six districts.

Tell us a bit about you.

I am married to Julie. I have five daughters ranging in age from 20-29: Kinzi, Samantha, Stephanie, Sophia and Isabella.

Where do you live?

Lees Summit, Missouri.

When you’re not at work or spreading the KCIC news, you are …

Traveling, Golf, Darts.

What are you most grateful for? 

I am grateful for all the family and friends I have met in my life.  I am truly blessed by where I am at today.