As the voice for industrial-focused businesses in the Kansas City area, KCIC is all about networking, advocating, learning and touring. Here, you’ll network with like-minded professionals, organizations and community leaders, as well as organizations including Bridging the Gap and the Kansas City Manufacturing Network. As an advocate for the industrial community, KCIC will serve as your voice at the local, state and national level to ensure that the unique issues essential to your business and district. We help members learn what each member business does, so that growth opportunities can be shared. And we facilitate tours of our members’ companies, explore development sites and look for ways to foster job growth throughout the metro.

At KCIC, we forge connections that drive business. Ready to connect? JOIN TODAY!

  • Networking. Build relationships and share opportunities through mentoring and quarterly networking events
  • Advocating. Ensure that your voice is heard on key issues at the local, state and national on a regular basis
  • Learning. Discover more about your fellow industrial district members, and stay on top of infrastructure and transportation issues, economic growth opportunities, regulatory guidelines and changing requirements.
  • Touring. Learn firsthand who your fellow member businesses are, where they are, and what they do through site visits and operation-specific presentations.
  • Service. KCIC committees are hands-on and all-in, shaping the overall goals and operations of our organization.


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