KCIC Supports KC Earnings Tax Renewal

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Kansas City, Missouri voters are set to decide whether or not to renew the city’s earnings tax at elections on April 5, 2016. The earnings tax has been in effect since 1963, but requires voters decide via an election whether to renew the tax every 5 years. Anyone who lives or works in Kansas City, Missouri pays the 1% tax on income earned in the city.

The earnings tax brings in 40% of the city’s general fund–a whopping $230 million–every year. Kansas City’s general fund is used to pay for basic services such as fire, police, ambulance, street maintenance and trash pickup.

KCIC supports renewal of the earnings tax. The money generated from this tax improves the working and living conditions in our city, it enables a safer city with better services and infrastructure. Please take a moment to READ UP on the issue and vote on April 5th!