DaVinci Union Station

KCIC Sponsors Da Vinci Exhibit at Union Station

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Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the world’s greatest thinkers–an innovator, an artist, a researcher and an inventor. KCIC is proud to be one of the sponsors of Da Vinci: The Exhibition–a spectacular 10,000 square foot exhibition of his life and works now on display at Union Station. The man who defined the renaissance still teaches and challenges current generations to be open to the inter-play of art, engineering, science, mathematics, and nature.   Like KCIC members, his innovations and approaches to industry crossed all aspects of life.

Da Vinci: The Exhibition is a hands-on exploration of his remarkable life and creativity. Sixty five of Da Vinci’s most important inventions are recreated full scale. In addition, more than 20 fine art studies and stunning displays are presented in spectacular detail. Guests will learn the complex beginnings and lifetime achievements of Da Vinci through his discoveries in art, engineering, hydraulics, flight, music and more. The exhibit will be on display at Union Station through May 1, 2016.

KCIC Member Exclusive Offers!

As part of our sponsorship we are able to offer each of our members (employees and guests) discounted ticket prices that are normally available to groups of 15 or more. The Union Station exhibit team will also help coordinate any group/team outing and holiday event either in the exhibit space or at Union Station.  Discount tickets must be purchased in person at Union Station. Your employees should present their company-issued identification card to confirm they are a current employee of a KCIC member company. For those companies that don’t have corporate ID cards, your employees will need to give their name and company at the time of purchase. The price is $9.95 plus $1.00 that is charged to the Station’s Preservation Fund.  ($10.95 total no tax). For more information, contact Jill Quinn.

As an additional benefit for our sponsorship, we have been given display space at the exit of the exhibit where we are highlighting KCIC members. Some members have chosen to create display panels as part of this space.  If you interested in a display panel or additional supporting sponsorship opportunities please contact Judi Moritz.