New Member Minute: Uhl Engineering

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Welcome to the New Member Minute!

We asked new members some questions about themselves and their business. Read on and get to know the newest members to the Kansas City Industrial Council.

Terry Uhl is Founder and President of Uhl Engineering, located Prairie Village, Kansas. He joined KCIC in October 2019. 

Why did you decide to join KCIC?

As a civil engineering and land surveying firm, we seek out opportunities to provide design services to owners/companies performing routine maintenance or implementing their growth/expansion strategies.  As a lifelong student of economics, I am a firm believer that investment in infrastructure leads to economic development. 

KCIC offers a significant opportunity to serve while becoming acquainted with industries, developers and those at the interface of administering public infrastructure.

As my dear late friend Jim Kissick would often say: 1) one thing leads to another, and 2) focus your efforts on things that lead to opportunity.

Tell us a bit about you.

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart of 40 years. Together we have four sons, ages 25-33.

Where do you live?

We have been residents of Overland Park for 40+ years; bought our current home in 1986.

When you’re not at work or spreading the KCIC news, you are …

I have always maintained balance while working for 42+ years.  Along the way, I completed three master’s degrees at night school. When our sons were young, I coached youth sports year around.  I am generally serving as a volunteer on civic, community or professional initiatives.

One of my preferred pastimes is an elliptical cross trainer…where I can do four of my favorite things at once…sweat, read, listen to tunes, and keep an eye on a ball game!

Also, I never pass up the opportunity to pick up a well-made guitar…and play! (with permission, of course!)

What are you most grateful for?

Life. Love. Family. Friends. Health. Opportunity. Catholic schools. Higher education. Civil Engineering. Music. Sports. Good fiction novels. Kansas City. USA!

I am thankful for my heritage…being the son, grandson and great grandson of Iowa farmers (one of 12 siblings).  Our mother descended from the marriage of a French-Canadian trapper and a daughter of Yankton Sioux Chief War Eagle in South Dakota.

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