Productivity Tips During a Pandemic

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have had to convert to working from home. While the commute to the office might be much faster, staying productive and focused can has proven to be challenging.

Follow these six tips for staying focused and productive at home:

Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule not only helps you get into the working mindset; it also lets everyone else know when you’re available. Create a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Try to end all meetings 10 minutes early

For most, the transition to working from home has come with back-to-back meetings. Try to stay focused and on task during meetings so that the group can end early. Take those ten minutes to get a break before your next meeting begins.

Set up a comfortable working station

Create an environment you actually want to work in. Invest in the good chair. Make sure your desk is functional.

Clean up once a week

Now that you’re at home, there’s no escaping the scary pile of paperwork and the weeks’ worth of coffee. Take time to de-clutter your office. Your sanity will thank you.

Get ready each morning

You read that right. Sure, a perk from working from home is staying in your PJs all day. But getting ready each morning helps your brain transition from “home” to “work”.

Set realistic goals

The world is uncertain. Focusing can be hard. Begin each day by setting three realistic goals for the day. Not only will this help you prioritize the ever-growing To-Do lists, being able to complete your days’ worth of tasks helps stay motivated and productive.