Apply For A Tree Grant Through KCIC

Applications due March 15

In 2018, KCIC committed to being a Tree Champion as part of the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Master Tree Plan.  As part of this commitment and in partnership with Bridging The Gap’s Heartland Tree Alliance (HTA) program, KCIC has designated $3,000 in 2019 to create a tree planting matching grant program for our members.

Why Trees?

Trees in KCMO provide over $28 million in benefits and services to residents and businesses each year – some of which for businesses include reduced cooling costs (trees shade buildings), employees who are calmer and happier, increased pulmonary health for employees, higher real estate values, and assistance with stormwater management (trees soak up rainwater).

Kansas City’s industrial areas hold a lot of potential for increased canopy and the resulting economic, environmental and social benefits. According to a study of KC’s urban tree canopy, the Blue Valley Industrial District has 17% tree canopy with a maximum potential canopy of 55%. The Northeast Industrial District has 13% tree canopy with a potential of 33%.

Planting on private lands is key to increasing the city’s overall tree canopy – typically 80 to 90 percent of land within a city is privately owned.

How The Grant Works

Six member businesses -- one from each of the six industrial district areas -- will receive a $500 matching grant to plant up to four trees on private land at their business.

Each business will receive:
  • Assistance in site evaluation and tree species selection
  • A 1-hour tree-planting “mini” workday for employees with instruction by HTA staff on proper tree planting techniques, all tools and mulch provided. (HTA will procure trees and transport to site.)
  • Watering bag
  • Signage identifying your business as a Tree Champion Business
Each business must provide:
  • $500 match toward the purchase of trees. Combined with KCIC’s $500 grant, the total project budget is $1,000.
  • A commitment to water trees for three years. See recommended watering schedule below.
  • Employees for the tree-planting workday (10-12 people recommended)

This is an excellent opportunity to engage your employees while helping to beautify our industrial districts and contribute to maintaining our city’s tree canopy!

Grant timeline:
  • Applications accepted through March 15
  • Grant awardees notified by late March
  • Tree planting workdays scheduled for April/May (or fall 2019 as needed)

Additional grant program rules and guidelines

Grant Program Rules & Guidelines

  • The applicant must be a current KCIC member.
  • Trees must not be planted where it will interfere with traffic sight lines or in the rights-of-way.
  • Implementation of the approved project is the sole responsibility of the grant awardee/business. KCIC is not liable for personal injury or property damage resulting from work related to the project.
  • The funded project must be maintained for a minimum of three years. All maintenance costs are the sole responsibility of the grant awardee/business. KCIC and Bridging The Gap are not responsible for trees or plants that do not survive.
  • The grant awardee/business is responsible for obtaining all applicable permits, including notifying Missouri or Kansas One-Call before digging. Dig Safe Telephone Number is 811.
Watering Schedule

Fill provided water bag once a month

Assess and mulch tree if needed


Fill provided water bag once a week unless the property received an inch of rain


Fill provided water bag every two weeks unless the property received an inch of rain

Assess and mulch tree if needed

How To Apply

Complete and submit the form below by March 15. Grants will be awarded to the first qualified applicant in each district.

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    Select Industrial District:

    Describe the proposed planting site and include where it is in relationship to your building, other structures, street, sidewalks, etc.:

    Check below to agree to the following: (checkboxes are required to submit application)
    Yes - The business agrees to follow the watering maintenance schedule for at least 3 years from the time of planting.
    Yes - The business has received permission from the property owner to plant the trees (if other than business).

    Optional – Upload photos of the proposed planting site. *Please attach below. If you have more than 5 images please place in a Zip file format and attach. Any images submitted must be less than 2MB in size.

    Additional Comments: